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Reis & Alberge Advogados (OAB/PR 4.500) was founded in 2015 in the Brazilian city of Curitiba by Clayton Reis and Guilherme Alberge Reis, in order to provide a personalized and quality service to its clients. Although the focus is the practice of advisory law, especially regarding civil liability, the firm also acts in litigation. Our civil liability services include contractual termination, environmental damages, as well as daily issues, such as consumer law and determining fault in automotive accidents. The firm also advises international companies doing business in Brazil, included but not limited to market entry, legislation research and contract negotiation.


Regulatory Environment



The Brazilian regulatory environment is challenging, both for individuals and companies alike. We can help our clients to overcome bureaucratic barriers, either by legal researches, political risk evaluation, public policies advising or by assisting with administrative procedures, at municipal, state and federal government levels.


Consumer Law



Consumer Law covers the relationship between suppliers and consumers. The Law 8.078/1990 protects the consummers, thus, telecommunication companies, financial institutions (banks), manufacturers, utility companies and various types of commerce must abide by this legislation. Any disregard to the law or to the contract may, in this form, result in the recovery of undue payments and legal settlements for material and moral damages.



Drafting contracts that protect your rights, in order to prevent breaches that can be detrimental to you, is essential to avoid financial damages. Therefore, we advise and draft several types of contracts (leasing, sales and purchases, provision of services, transport, among others), in addition of executing them when needed, in court or not.


Civil Liability



Civil Liability is a broad area, that goes from administrative acts from counties, states and the federal government, to car accidents, professional liability, moral harassment in the work place, the unmeasured action of the media, and the leakage of private pictures on whatsapp or on social media: in all of these situations there is a risk for moral damages, which would be subject to financial compensation.

International Relations



Foreign companies that intend to do business in Brazil, whether through direct investments or through local commercial partners, face difficulties imposed by bureaucratic procedures. We can help your company in making decisions that preserve your assets, taking into account complex political, economic and social variables in the country.


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