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Clayton Reis
​​Clayton Reis
Bar n. 28.960/PR

Holding a PhD in civil liability, from the University of Lisbon. He has a solid career in Academia, and also holds a Master’s and a Doctor’s degree in social relations Law from Parana Federal University (UFPR). A dedicated judge for over twenty years, he retired as a state court judge in 1997. For most of his career, he was also a professor at Maringa State University (UEM) and Parana Federal University (UFPR). Nowadays, he works as a lawyer and as professor in several local universities. He has numerous articles and books published, including the well-known “Dano Moral” (Moral Damage). 

Guilherme Alberge Reis
​​Guilherme Alberge Reis
Bar n. 50.759/PR

With graduate degrees both in Law and International Relations, he worked as a lawyer in Curitiba before moving to São Paulo. There he dealt with public affairs, regulatory environment and marketing in large multinational companies. He is a founding member of the Governmental Relations Institute. He holds an MBA in marketing from the FGV School and is currently pursuing an LLM in Corporate Law. He speaks English, Spanish and French, and has an extensive international experience after multiple courses abroad (London School of Business and Finance, in London and Rey Juan Carlos University, in Madrid, to name a few). 

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