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            Telephone: +55 41 3339 1160

            Whatsapp: +55 41 9915 4414


            Rua Padre Anchieta, 2050 - cj. 2209

            Curitiba | PR | Brazil, ZIP C. 80.730-000







Reis & Alberge Advogados (Bar n. 4.500/PR) is a Law Firm founded in 2015 in the Brazilian city of Curitiba by Clayton Reis and Guilherme Alberge Reis, in order to provide a personalized and quality service to its clients. Although the focus is the practice of advisory law, especially regarding civil liability, the firm also acts in litigation. Our civil liability services include contractual termination, environmental damages, as well as daily issues, such as consumer law and determining fault in automotive traffic accidents. The firm also advises international companies doing business in Brazil, included but not limited to market entry, legislation research and contract negotiation.



Our latest developments and studies (only in Portuguese).


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